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Walking Sticks and Aids

Walking sticks come in many shapes, colours, materials and sizes but their main function is the same, to help the user facilitate balance while walking. Walking aids can also range in price according to the materials used and the finish of the product.

Walking sticks should be used on the side of the body where the user has most trouble in using his/her leg. If the person has problems in his/her right leg the walking stick should be held in the right hand so as to relieve some wieght off the leg. Also the ideal hieght of the walking aid is the hieght of ones wrist when standing straight so as not to cause unwanted injusry to the hand or joint.

Walking sticks come in two main materials, either wood (also known as a cane) or light weight metals such as aluminium. Plastic is also used but it is highly not recomended as these types of walking sticks are more prown to wear and tear.

The main advantages of metal sticks is that they can be fully adjusted in height so as to meet the requirements of many different users and one also has the possibility of purchasing a folding stick so it can be easily be stored in a purse or bag when not in use. Also one can buy a mouled handle, which fits either in the left or right hand so as to reduce the pressure on the palm when walking with the stick.

The main advantages of a wooden walking stick are that they may be more esteticaly pleasing to certain people however they have some minor drawbacks. There handles cannot be moulded (since they are wood) so they may not be suitable for persons who walk for long distances and/or people who put alot of wieght on the stick as this may cause pain in the palm of their hand. also they are not height adjustable, so they would have to be cut to size when the cane is first purchased.

One should also take into account which ever type of walking aid they buy, that the rubber bottom of the walking aid (known as a ferrule) will wear out over time. We at Unicare stock these parts but it is advised to keep one or two spare just in case one needs to be changed.

For more information or assistance in choosing the right walking aid for you please visit our Products Page. Alternitavely you can Contact Us and we will be more than happy to help.
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