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If you or a loved one has suffered a recent injury or accident you may need equipment to aid you in the recovery process. We offer a wide range of rehabilitation aids and equipment in this area. We also strive to give the best products at the most affordable prices. Please view a small selection of our products below:

Resistance Bands
Also known as MSD band, this item is a type of elastic which comes in different densities (which are coloured coded) so that the patient can exercise either their arms or legs to aid in muscle strengthening.

Theradputic Putty
This putty is used to aid patients who have injured their hands so as to strengthen weakened muscles and/or aid in circulation.

Ankle Wieghts
Ankle wieghts come in different wieghts according to ones need and can also be strapped round the wrist easily thanks to the velcro fastining strip.

Balance Boards
Also known as wobble boards, this apparatus is used for lower extremity and back rehabilitation by activating muscles to work in cooperation with one another for good bone movement.

Exercise Balls
Exercise Balls come in various sizes (which are colour coded) and can be used for a number of exercise routines.

Pedal Exercisers
This portable exerciser can be used for upper or lower body exercises. Vary resistance from 0 to heavy by adjusting the center knob. Can be used from a chair, side of bed, wheelchair, or on a tabletop.

We offer a large range of products. For more information or assistance in choosing the right equipment for you please visit our Products Page. Alternitavely you can Contact Us and we will be more than happy to help.

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