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Electric Scooters, also known as power scooter are the ticket to personal freedom for people who have issues with mobility. There are many different reasons why one would need to use a mobility scooter, though the common goal is mostly the same, to enjoy life with peace of mind and full independence from others when it comes to going out and visiting places.

There are many different makes and brands of electric scooters but there are certain things which one should look out for when purchasing their power scooter. This article will outline some basic points which one should look out for.

First one must select a reliable supplier, in terms of service and parts. Secondly one should decide where he/she will be using the mobility scooter. If you are looking to go on long journeys on rough terrain or to places where you may need to climb some step hills you should not focus on small scooters as they tend to have a small motor and battery so you will probably not make it far.

Alternatively if you are looking to transport the scooter in a car which does not have space for a fully assembled scooter, an electric scooter which can be dismantled would be the most useful. Below is a short description of the differences in power scooters:

We prefer that our customers get as much information and feedback for an independent source before consulting with us. This will help towards making the right choice.

Dismantable Power Scooters

These electric scooter are small and compact and normally can be dismantled into 4 sections so as to make travel or storage easier. These power scooter normally come in 3 or 4 wheel models with a scooter mobility of 4mph (6.5kmh) and are used around the house, for short trips or going to the local shops.

Pavement & Road Mobility Scooters

These models of power scooter are fully equipped with lights and indicators so as to allow the user to drive both on the payment and if needed on the road without the need for any special licence. These electric scooters normally start with a scooter mobility of 8 mph (13kmh) however larger models of motor are available. These scooters have a much longer range then electric scooters than can be dismantled however they require larger vehicles to transport from one place to another if the need arises.

For more information on our power scooter ranges kindly view our Products Page alternatively fill in our Contact form with any queries you may have.

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