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Personal hygiene is an integral part of everyone’s daily routine; however when you get older or have gone through a life changing experience, using the bathroom might become a hard or hazardous experience. Therefore a lot of aids have been developed to help people feel more secure and comfortable while going through their daily routines.

Shower Chairs
Shower chairs and shower stools are a very useful tool for people who have poor balance, problems standing or are afraid of slipping while bathing. Shower chairs come in many different shapes and sizes so it is always best to come and try one out in our outlets to ensure it meets your needs. We recommend aluminium models, non slip surfaces, rubber ferules and adjustable in height models as the safest and most versatile models of shower chairs.

Grab Rails
Grab rails around wall mounted rails which allow a person to hold onto for added stability or as an aid to rise from a seated position. Grab rails come in various sizes and come in either screw mountings or suction mounts so that they can be placed in different parts of the bathroom. We recommend nylon composite grab rails which are maintenance free, ribbed for better grip and won’t tarnish over time. Also stainless steel screws should be used to secure the rails to the wall.

Toilet Frames and Raisers
Toilet frames and raisers also come in various sizes to accommodate the various day-to-day needs of people. Toilet raisers can come in fixed heights of one’s choosing or can be height adjustable so as to accommodate the changing needs of a person. Also one can choose to have detachable or fold away arms so that the user can help him/her self up from a sitting position and remove them when the arm rests are not needed.

Long Handled Aids
A number of long handled bathing aids exist for people who have trouble reaching parts of their bodies. In this category one finds items such as toe washers which allows a person to wash their feet without the need to bend over, back washers to aid in washing those hard to reach places and bottom wipers so as to reduce the need to stretch after using the lavatory.

For more information and our full range of bathroom furnishings and aids kindly view our Products Page or alternatively Contact us for more information.
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